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The experience

Get as close to nature as possible on your private island! Enjoy the best 48 hours of your life in a cabin where there is room for up to 4 guests. A romantic getaway as a couple, time together as a family or a friends getaway. You don´t need to think of anything, because I will take care of it: Your bed, your food, your entertainment! You just need to travel here!

KABIN Sweden drone

The island

Everything you need to know about the island. How big is it? Where is it locacted? How does it look like in summer?

The cabin with terrace

The cabin

Even if you will be in the middle of nowhere, you don´t need to miss out on luxury. Have a look what I have done to make you feel comfortable!

Canoe 2

The activities

You think you will get bored? Think again! I have created some really nice activities. And the best of all is that you don´t need me as a guide! This is DIY!

Master bedroom

As like in a hotel

I will prepare your beds, you    don´t need to bring anything

Local bread 2

You are the chef

I will prepare all ingredients and recipes and you will be the chef!


Mental detox

Canoeing, fishing, bathing in the hot tub and sweat in the sauna? You don´t need WIFI!

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