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KABIN Sweden drone

The island has a name! Djupsundsholmarna and is one of the many islands in the lake Fjärden. It is 1,1 hectare in size. It is covered with a lot of old pines, birches, poplars and firs. Besides trees there are a lot of blueberries and lingon on the island that can be picked during July and August. From the ice age you will find rocks in all sizes and like the rest of the landscape the island is hilly. 




When looking carefully you will find a lot of animals on the island too. There are many kinds of birds, especially in spring and autumn, when migratory birds are on their way to or from Lapland. But also during summer you will be able to observe cranes, woodpeckers, swans, geese and (!) the sea eagle. Since many years a couple of the sea eagle is nesting in the area and can often be observed. It has occurred that a moose will take a trip to the island. Especially during winter time, when the lake is frozen they will walk over the ice. But also during summer it has happened that they take a swim, even when this is unusual. The lake has a wide range of different fish species, like perch and pike. Some fishermen have been able to catch pikes over 1 meter in size.



Woodstove kitchen

On the island you can find remains of the time when the cabin was built. It was built by the forestry company so that their employees could spend longer times in the area. Logging of large trunks was a huge industry in those days. There are a couple of old wooden boats and an earth basement left. I have decided to keep these remains out of respect of the history.
I don´t do any forestry on the island and really want to let nature do it´s thing. Also during the time 01 November until 30 April I leave the island inhabited to allow the nature to recover. 

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