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Canoeing is a very relaxing experience. It is a safe activity and you don´t need a lot of expertise to silently move over the water. You can start right away from the island start exploring the different island, small beaches and more hidden gems of the lake Fjärden. The canoe on the island easily fits 2 people and even 1 additional child. You will have your own life vest so you can feel safe.


Fishing is both for fun as for experts. I have a simple line available for explorers that want to give it a try to pull up an additional ingredient for dinner. But some of our guests are real experts and need better tools. I recommend in that case to bring your own lines, because pulling up a 1 meter pike is not a joke!

Sunset 3
Lake swimming

Is there something more typical to do than lake swimming while being in Scandinavia? The water in the lake is usually not very warm, but that shouldn´t stop you, right? On the northern side of the island the water is very shallow, so you can slowly adapt to the water, while on the southern side the water is much deeper, allowing you to take a dive.

Couple in Fjärden lake
Hot tub & sauna

But we are not all that brave, right? Especially in the pre and post season, you might want to bathe in the hot tub or sweat in the sauna before jumping in the fresh lake water. I´m building the hot tub and sauna during the spring of 2021, and it will be available as from the 02 of May 2021.


Food and drinks are an important part of your experience while traveling. I have always felt that my guests should have a chance to taste food of this part of Sweden. Since 2021 I have started growing some of the vegetables myself, while other ingredients are carefully selected with local suppliers. With those ingredients I have searched for typical and less typical dishes, always keeping in mind that the cooking itself should not take too much effort. All dishes are vegetarian (not vegan) and can be adapted if required.

Local bread
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