​KABIN Sweden is a private isolated island in the lake Fjärden renowned for its natural scenery and unspoilt landscapes. 48 hours of freedom to roam nature is the principle. Skinny-dipping in a lake, picking wild berries, lying on a springy bed of moss, or taking your canoe out for a spin. These and more little moments can only happen on KABIN Sweden. All you have to do is be here to capture them.

Your cottage is 48sqm in size with a double bedroom, an additional bedroom with bunkbeds, a bathroom equipped with an incinerating toilet and shower with running hot and cold water, a kitchen equipped with a small refrigerator, a gas and/or wood cook-stove and sitting room with open fire. 12V battery mobile charger.

A large terrace offers views of surrounding water and nature.

Your stay at KABIN Sweden is considered“low impact accommodation”, meaning you use minimal water and electricity, produce less waste and utilize renewable resources.


A two-night stay includes bedlinen, towels,  eco-friendly organic bathroom products and final cleaning.


Your stay will be completed with organic vegetarian meals (2 x breakfast, 1 x lunch, 2 x dinner, snacks), based on the permaculture design principles, We provide vegetables and locally sourced ingredients, together with a pick of the best and simple recipes to give your meals a health-kick.


With the train from Stockholm, including a half hour drive, you can reach the island in around 3 hours. Note: book additional shuttle from Ockelbo station towards the island. When traveling by car, a drive from Stockholm takes around 2,5 hours. Free parking space available. Boat transfer included.

GPS COORDINATES 60°48'09.2"N 16°48'57.6"E


Rediscover your connection to nature with a new level of luxury; the perfect complement to your visit to Stockholm and Sweden. Welcome to KABIN Sweden!
















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