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I have been doing this for a while...

Did you know that I was owning a company before I started with KABIN Sweden? In 2012, when I moved to Sweden from Belgium I started with a company called Stilleben Sweden. I can talk about the start of that company later, but for now I want to focus on the fact I always felt that KABIN Sweden is for a very specific target group. I have always felt that KABIN is the ultimate way of traveling, or the ultimate product for guests that a looking for a sustainable, transformative and regenerative way of traveling. You know, KABIN is highly sustainable in many ways. When you as a guest visit the island you are leaving little traces. It´s not perfect, definitely not, but the process is there. But to go back to the topic.... Here´s a short movie that was made by our region in Sweden called Region Gävleborg, about how I was motivated to start a company in the middle of nowhere. Enjoy!

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