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Happy New Year!

2020 has been for many, including myself, a rough ride. But the energy of nature has been a stable trustworthy partner. It´s nice to be able to trust the process, to understand that what has happened are nothing but memories now. Let´s start dreaming again and create space for new memories. From the book living and working in line with nature: " This is the time for a deep winter sleep. The time that energy is being gathered so that life can return by itself. During this time, between January 4 and February 4 something new will pop up. The very beginning of a new life. But this new life is not in action yet and has no shape yet. It is still undefined. What will that new life look like? What is it that wants to grow through me during the next year?"

My own reflection on this: Instead of promises on January 1 I have exchanged that by asking questions. What could potentially happen in the new year? I have used the long nights to talk about the topic with other people to allow further reflections. This solstice has been the most intense ever and has been taking a lot of my attention. So the awareness of the lack of external energy has been intense. In the recent days I have seen many other examples of people looking to find solutions for the problems we are dealing with and will be dealing with. I saw a woman here in Sweden going all the way, but living in a tent on an island in Åre. A long list of companies producing off grid cabins. People I know contacting me to ask for advice. Is what happened in 2020 only the beginning?

We will now in September...

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