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Build your own cabin... imagine how house building has evolved in the past 100 years... You see, these days you can buy your house online! And I guess it´s a matter of time before we will see houses, or cabins, being sold by IKEA. Super exciting to my opinion, I´m seriously considering buying such a modular home, built somewhere in Eastern Europe and next dropped somewhere in Scandinavia or Belgium. At the same time, I have the urge to learn doing more by myself. I´m unsure if I have the ambition building a cabin from scratch, but the sauna that will be ready by early May will be home made. I will do it together with a friend from Åmot, Hasse, who knows how to do it. This seems to be one of the things that has survived the darkest part of winter. The feeling that i want to learn to do more myself. Somewhere I have the feeling that this will have a higher return on investment than my pensionplan... If you wonder how it is to build your own cabin, you can dedicate 2 hours watching this you tube film by Erik Grankvist. Very inpiring!

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