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The best bread we have found in the area comes from Épi in Gävle. Annika and her team deliver bread and bakery to us on a regular base to spoil you while being on the island.

Local applejuice

One of those really small companies where we buy appel juice is called Hå saft fabrik in Kilafors. It exists since 1901. Annika and Ola produce juice every summer season and I go and pick-up a lot to store at home for the next season. The taste is not too sweet and not too sour, perfect for breakfast!

The mangevie.jpg
The mangevie.jpg

Continue your journey! 

Traveling to KABIN is quite a trip and I strongly recommend to stay a couple of days in the area. The Mangevie is an accommodation that I can really recommend. They offer bed and breakfast rooms, apartments, dinner and a long list of activities, year-round. Evi and Davy are the owners and will spoil you during your stay.

Continue traveling!

Another  great location is the area around Torsby, about 4 hours away from where KABIN is located. Here you will find a nice family owned Bed and Breakfast THE LODGE Torsby is owned by Marc and Joanne and they offer bed and breakfast rooms and cottages as well as a broad range of outdoor activities.

THE LODGE Torsby summer4.jpeg
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