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Where is KABIN Sweden located?

My island is located in the central part of Sweden, 2 hours north from Stockholm. There is no official address for the check-in location, but it can be found on Google maps. The island lies in a lake called Fjärden part of the river delta Testeboån in the municipality Ockelbo.

How can you reach KABIN Sweden?

Your destination should be Stockholm, if you are traveling from abroad. From the airport or even the city centre, there are 3 options to travel to the check-in location:

  1. By car: Drive north on the E4 highway, direction Sundvall and follow your GPS towards KABIN Sweden check-in as you will find it on Google maps

  2. By train: Take any train with destination Ockelbo. Book your train on the website of the national train company SJ . When you travel by train, you will need to arrange a pick-up and drop-off. You can book this as an add-on when making your reservation for KABIN Sweden.

  3. Private pick-up: We can arrange a private pick-up and drop-off from Stockholm, Arlanda airport or any hotel in the area. The standard pick-up can be booked when you are making your reservation with us. Special pick-up can be arranged by contacting us.

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