Couple in Fjärden lake
This is how it started

It has always been my dream to own a little offgrid cabin. While surfing the internet in 2012 I came across an advert of an old man selling a cabin on an island. In those days, Christer as he was called, had difficulties selling the property. A cabin on an island sounds nice, but has a lot of practical consequences. When I visited it for the first time I fell in love with it at once! But the owner wasn´t keen on selling it right away. He wanted this to become a place that many people could see. This is the moment when KABIN Sweden became reality: Rent out the entire island to guests from all over the world.
The cabin was not in such a good shape as it is today. Since 2012 I have renovated it so that you can spend your time in what I call primitive luxury: having access to 12V electricity and water. Because that is what guests expect these days.
So together with Hasse a friend from the village, I have spent many many hours in finding technical offgrid solutions. While renovating I wanted to show respect to the cabin´s history, so as much as possible the changes were done in line with local building traditions and in collaboration with local experts.
I´m really proud of this little cabin and hope that you visit it any time soon, just like many others have done before!

Hope to see you soon! Jeroen

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