Your private island for 48 hours

This is the Story...

KABIN Sweden is a private isolated island in the lake Fjärden renowned for its natural scenery and unspoiled landscapes. 48 hours of freedom to roam nature is the principle. Skinny-dipping in a lake, picking wild berries, lying on a springy bed of moss, or taking your canoe out for a spin, bathe in the wood heated hot tub or sweat in the sauna and last but not least enjoy your own cooked dinner with organic and local sourced ingredients. These and more little moments can only happen on KABIN Sweden. All you have to do is be here to capture them. 


Your stay at KABIN Sweden is considered “low impact accommodation”, meaning you use minimal water and energy, produce less waste and utilize renewable resources.

What Makes Us Special


Once in your lifetime


Only you and nature

Easy to reach

2 hours from Stockholm



Scott Lowe


The Robertsons


Jody and Tom Larson


“Come to the forest, for here is rest”

John Muir

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